Don’t buy what Specter is selling

The sports terrorists are at it again.

Sen. Arlen Specter (R – Pa.) is way out of his element with his recent comments about the NFL’s handling of the Patriots video taping fiasco.

Specter has come out and said some outrageous things over the past 24 hours, so let’s all have a laugh at his expense, shall we?

“What if there was something on the tapes we might want to be subpoenaed, for example?”

Subpoenaed? They’re tapes of defensive coordinators relaying hand signals to a middle linebacker. Does he think there may be some footage after the game of Bill Belichick sneaking illegal immigrants across the border, or Tom Brady selling drugs to kids?

The old man wasn’t done, either:

“You can’t destroy it. That would be obstruction of justice.”

Doesn’t there have to be an investigation to obstruct, or at least a crime that’s being covered up? No legal action is being taken here, so how can one “obstruct justice?”

The tapes were already in the hands of the proper authorities — Roger Goodell and NFL officials.

“It starts with the commissioner. He had the tapes, and he made the decision as to what the punishment could be. He made the decision to destroy them.”

Right. Is there a problem with any of that? Sounds like pretty standard procedure to me.

Should Goodell have called Specter before levying the punishment to make sure it was okay with him? Maybe I’m missing something here, but I was under this zany impression that making decisions was part of the NFL commissioner’s job. Silly me, I suppose.

Specter is way out on a limb here. Just because he didn’t think the Patriots’ penalty was harsh enough doesn’t give him the right to open a full-fledged investigation of Goodell.

If it’s the antitrust exemption that’s cooking Specter’s grits, then he should have come right out and said it, instead of embarrassing himself the way he did.

If I lived in Pennsylvania, I would be furious that an elected official who is supposed to be representing me is wasting everyone’s time with this nonsense.

I’m not sure what Specter’s problem is. Maybe he’s attention starved, maybe he’s a bitter Eagles fan who’s upset his team isn’t playing in the Super Bowl, maybe he’s gone senile or maybe he’s just another sports terrorist that wants to do a little rabble-rousing in hopes of making the NFL look bad.

Whatever his beef is, I’ll tell you this: I won’t let him ruin the best Sunday of the NFL season for me.

It even makes me a little sick that I’m writing about this in the first place, but I won’t let the sports terrorists win.

There is a team attempting to go undefeated and win its fourth Super Bowl in seven years, and another team with a fearless defense and a big fat chip on its shoulder standing in the way.

Right there is your real story. That is something worth writing about and talking about on television and radio. That is what Goodell should be discussing in his State of the League address.

As for Specter, someone — and I don’t know who — needs to sit him down, look him dead in the eye and say, ”It’s none of your business.”

Enjoy the Super Bowl, everyone.


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One response to “Don’t buy what Specter is selling

  1. The Reverend FUnk

    You love sports so much…shouldn’t you hate cheaters, instead of love and defend them?

    Also, f— duke.

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