Eye on the NHL

Is Colin Campbell on vacation?

NHL Executive Vice President Colin Campbell put his incompetence on display when he let Chris Pronger off the hook after deliberately stomping on Ryan Kesler.

How can Campbell hand down the longest suspension in league history to Chris Simon for the exact same offense and then let Pronger get off scot free?

Maybe Simon got it worse because he was a repeat offender?


Pronger is not only a repeat offender, but has seven career suspensions, to Simon’s six.

In fact, Pronger has been suspended three times in the past calender year.

Less than a month after Richard Zednick almost died after being cut by a skate blade, Colin Campbell has turned the other way when a league superstar used his skate as a weapon.

Absolutely unthinkable.

I’m not saying Pronger deserves 30 games (although I could easily make a case that he does), but he certainly shouldn’t be on the ice Saturday night against St. Louis, and it’s an insult to the game of hockey if he is.

When the clock reads 0.0, the period is over

Seems pretty simple, right?

Why is it then, that players can’t grasp the concept.

Two nights ago Philly’s Braydon Coburn teed up a one-timer from the point several seconds after the game had ended.

A scrum ensued and he was assessed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty at 20:00 in the third period.

I’m sure he’ll get a fine, but if this trend continues, the NHL may have to look into making such a dangerous act a mandatory one-game suspension.

Philly in a tailspin?

Coburn’s post-game idiocy was a product of frustration after dropping a home-and-home to the suddenly resurgent Maple Leafs.

After blowing a three-goal lead Tuesday, people have been speculating that the Flyers have lost their composure and are about to crumble faster than Sidney Crosby taking a dive.

I’d like to believe it, but I can’t. This team is not the same as last year.

The Flyers have six former captains on their team (and a worthy seventh in Simone Gagne). No one would argue they aren’t good enough, and I just feel like there is too much veteran leadership in that locker room for an all-out collapse.

Stranger things have happened though, and a Flyers nose dive would certainly bode well for fans in D.C. and Buffalo.


4 responses to “Eye on the NHL

  1. Rumblestripes

    Tigas about the NHL

  2. Travis

    Alex – Matt Pettinger is a left wing, where he’s played almost all year.

  3. Alex

    Travis – Pettinger has skated on the right side plenty of times this year. But really, what does it matter when with numbers like this: 2-5-7, -11, 25 PIM. Guys like Pettinger skate where the coach needs them to skate, even if it means going off-wing.

  4. You don’t understand, though, the way that a player like Crosby fits into the Canadian consciousness: He’s a Canadian player who plays for an American team that kicks the everliving shit out of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    He’s the embodiment of our love/hate relationship with ourselves.

    And so: Obsession.

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